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Jackie Orszaczky - Beramiada

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Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: Sep 20, 2020
Format: Audio CD
Label: Aztec Music


One of Aztec Records’ most highly anticipated projects has finally been unveiled. This is the Crown Jewel of Aussie Jazz Fusion, the first ever reissue, from legendary bass player JACKIE ORSZÁCZKY – Beramiada.

Jackie had come to Australia, in the early 1970s, with celebrated Hungarian progressive fusion band Syrius. He went on to tour with heavy rockers Bakery before entering Trafalgar Studios, in 1975, with producer Charles Fisher to record his debut solo album. His crack session band comprised John Robinson (guitar; ex-Blackfeather), Peter Jones (keyboards; ex-Arena), Graham Morgan (drums; ex-Arena) and Michael Carlos (synthesizer, ex-Tully).

The master bass player wrote all the compositions, fusing accomplished jazz and rock in the vein of Weather Report, George Duke, Frank Zappa, Stanley Clarke and Caravanserai-era Santana. Beramiada was a fictitious land named after one of Jackie’s uncles who was killed in World War I. ‘Morning in Beramiada’ and ‘Tubarose’ explore the full depth of the instrumental music on offer. ‘Thoughts of Home’ is a quieter, introspective piece written during his touring days with Bakery. ‘White Raven’ is drawn from his time with Syrius; it was Part I of the ambitious, three part ‘Children Suite’.

The funkiest track, ‘Friends Of Mrs. S’, opens with a killer break beat, followed by Jackie’s elastic bass lines, washes of Robinson’s wacka-wacka guitar, and tinkling electric piano. It’s a superb piece, right in the pocket, continuing to evolve like something off Jeff Beck’s Blow by Blow. As a Bonus Track we’ve included his solo single from 1976, the rare groove funk killer ‘Let’s Go And Make It’.

Package Contents

This deluxe CD version is packaged in a 4 panel digi-pak. Digitally remastered audio by Gil Matthews, it sounds better than ever, with a colour booklet, rare photos and liner notes by Ian McFarlane is a must-have for fans of Classic Aussie Rock.

Track Listing

  1. Morning In Beramiada
  2. Thoughts Of Home
  3. White Raven
  4. Friends Of Mrs. S
  5. Tubarose
    Bonus Track - Single A-Side
  6. Let’s Go And Make It


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