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Normie Rowe - So Much Love From Normie Rowe

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Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: August 3, 2016
Format: Audio CD
Label: Aztec Records


Track Listing


  1. So Much Love
  2. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
  3. If It Don’t Work Out
  4. The Stones I Throw
  5. Baby, Call On Me
  6. The Night
  7. You Can’t Stop Loving Me
  8. Need Your Lovin’ Tonight
  9. Can’t Make It Without You
  10. Can I Get A Witness
  11. Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad (About My Baby)
  12. If You Need Me
    Extra Tracks
  13. Ooh La La
  14. It’s Not Easy
  15. Going Home
  16. He’s Awright (The Playboys)
  17. Torture (The Playboys)
  18. Happy Organ (The Playboys)
  19. The High And The Mighty (The Playboys)
  20. Black Sheep R.I.P (The Playboys)
  21. Sad (The Playboys)


Aztec Records continues the Expanded CD reissue programme of landmark Australian albums with the fourth LP from the original King of Pop – Normie Rowe. So Much Love From Normie Rowe was originally issued in 1966 when Normie was at the top of his game. Over a brief period of 20 months – April 1965 to December 1966 – the valiant singer issued the extraordinary tally of eight hit singles, seven EPs and four full albums on Sunshine Records. His third single, ‘Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)’/‘Shakin’ All Over’, is still regarded as the greatest double A-sided hit single of the 1960s, having reached #1 nationally and selling over 80,000 copies to qualify for Double Gold Record status.

Normie had an unrivalled talent for producing vibrant beat pop, inspirational R&B tunes and sumptuous soul ballads. The fans loved him and he loved his fans in return. Recording with his backing band The Playboys and astute record producer Pat Aulton, Normie fashioned another exceptional album.

“It was a great combination in the studio, working with Pat and The Playboys,” Normie said recently. “Pat was one of the great producers in Australia at the time, he was as innovative as Phil Spector in many ways. And of course there’s a huge amount of credit that must go to The Playboys. Their work rate was second to none, they were very dedicated to working with me. They backed me on all those recordings and they toured constantly as my backing band.”

By the middle of 1966 Normie had gone as far as he could in Australia and set his sights on London. He’d experienced the hit records, the frenzied adulation and the riotous stage shows, had appeared on all the popular TV pop shows of the day – The Go!! Show, Kommotion, Bandstand – where else could he go?

In London Normie entered the studio with a remarkable crew of English session players. The sessions produced his next three Australian hits, ‘Ooh La La’, ‘It’s Not Easy’ and ‘Going Home’.

“When I hit London I was finally recording with a full orchestra as well as a band, for me it was an ethereal experience,” Normie recalls. “I walked into the studio and in the rhythm section there was Jimmy Page on guitar, John Paul Jones on bass, Phil Dennis, who wrote all the arrangements, he was on piano and we had Clem Cattini on drums. He played on 42 #1 hit records in the UK.”

Package Contents

Beautifully re-created and packaged in a Deluxe Digi-pak, digitally remastered audio by Gil Matthews, it sounds better than ever. Included is a 12-page colour booklet and liner notes by Ian McFarlane... it's a must-have for fans of Classic Aussie Rock.


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