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Tamam Shud - Goolutionites And The Real People

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Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: July 16, 2008
Format: Audio CD
Label: Aztec Music


Track Listing

    1. The Goolutionites (and the Real People)
    2. They’ll take You Down on the Lot
    3. I Love You All
    4. Heaven is Closed
    5. A Plague
    6. Stand in the Sunlight
    7. Take a Walk on a Foggy Morn
    8. Goolutionites Theme Part 1
    9. Goolutionites Theme Part 2
    10. One Out – Two In

Bonus Tracks:
Single, January 1972

    1. I Got a Feeling

Morning of the Earth soundtrack

    1. First Things First
    2. Bali Waters
    3. Sea the Swells

Live at the Regent Theatre, South Yarra, December 1971

  1. Midday ‘Til Four
  2. Bali Waters
  3. Being Absolutely Free


Tamam Shud were formed after the break up of Beat/R&B band The Sunsets. The band was ostensibly a vehicle for singer and songwriter Lindsay Bjerre (whose burgeoning interest in the acid-rock experience had precipitated The Sunset's demise). Bjerre christened the new band Tamam Shud (means "the very end") which was taken from the closing words of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

The band's first release was the 1968 soundtrack to Paul Witzig's groundbreaking surf film Evolution and brought them to the attention of Warner Brothers who offered them a deal. The band, with a key line-up change in teenage guitar prodigy Tim Gaze (just 15 when he joined!), recorded their masterpiece, the concept album Goolutionites and the Real People in 1970. Ian McFarlane calls it "one of the truly great Aussie progressive rock albums" and it also distinguished them as one of the first local bands to tackle environmental issues in their songs. It is now extremely rare and one of the most collectible albums of the period.

Following Goolutionites, Tamam Shud contributed three tracks to another surf classic: Alby Falzon's legendary surf film Morning of the Earth in 1972. These tracks are included in our deluxe reissue, along with their 1972 non-LP single "I Got A Feeling" / "My Father Told Me" and four previously unreleased live tracks from Melbourne's Regent Theatre in 1971. Goolutionites, with the aforementioned nine bonus tracks.

Package Contents

Packaged in our collectors 6 panel digi-pak. It has been digitally remastered by Gil Matthews, with liner notes by Ian McFarlane and a 24 page book with rare photos.


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