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Ariel - Rock and Roll Scars

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Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: November 28, 2014
Format: Audio CD
Label: Aztec Music


Track Listing

Disc 1

    1. Keep On Dancing (With Me)
    2. a) I’ll Be Going b) I’ll Be Gone
    3. Rock & Roll Scars
    4. Real Meanie
    5. Men In Grey Raincoats
    6. Launching Place
    7. We Are Indelible
    8. What The World Needs (A New Pair of Sox)
    9. Red Hot Momma
    10. Some Good Advice
    11. I Am The Laughing Man
      Singles (1974/75)
    12. Yeah Tonite
    13. (I Am The) Laughing Man (For Leo)
    14. I’ll Take You High
    15. I Can’t Say What I Mean
      Live (1975)
    16. Rock & Roll Scars
    17. I Can’t Say What I Mean


Disc 2
The Jellabad Mutant (1974)

    1. Introduction And Overture
    2. The Capsule / The Farm
    3. The Train / The Hospital
    4. The Funeral
    5. Cinematic Sandwiches
    6. Neo-Existentialist Greens / Medicine Man / The Letter
      Bonus Track
      Live (1976)
    7. Mutant Medley


The magnificent 1975 album by ARIEL – Rock & Roll Scars which has been expanded by the addition of the legendary demos for the unreleased The Jellabad Mutant. This title continues to explore the works of the visionary and redoubtable Mike Rudd, with Aztec having previously reissued the landmark Spectrum albums Part One and Milesago on deluxe, digitally remastered CDs

The musical journey that took Mike Rudd from R&B fanatic with 1960s garage / punk champions Chants R&B through the 1970s glory days of Spectrum and Ariel onto elder statesmanship of the Australian music scene, is surely one of the most remarkable in this country. This is the man who gave the nation the enduring #1 hit single ‘I’ll Be Gone’, a song that has become so ingrained in the collective Australian psyche as to be accepted unconditionally and universally, surely the sign of a truly great composition.

The Jellabad Mutant was never issued at the time and the demos are all that remain of Rudd’s grand sci-fi concept album which provides a fascinating glimpse into those far off, heady days. Tying all the pieces together, Aztec has added extra tracks such as the non-LP singles ‘Yeah Tonite’ and ‘I’ll Take You High’, plus live versions of ‘Rock & Roll Scars’, ‘I Can’t Say What I Mean’ and the 10-minute ‘Mutant Medley’. This double CD with Digitally Remastered sound by Gil Matthews, colour booklet and liner notes by Ian McFarlane is a must-have for fans of Classic Aussie Rock.

Package Contents

This deluxe 2CD version is packaged in a handsome 8 panel digi-pak. Digitally remastered audio by Gil Matthews, it sounds better than ever, with a 16-page booklet colour booklet and liner notes by Ian McFarlane is a must-have for fans of Classic Aussie Rock.



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