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The Indelible Murtceps - Warts Up Your Nose

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Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: December 7, 2015
Format: Audio CD
Label: Aztec Records


Track Listing


  1. Be My Honey
  2. Pie In The Sky
  3. Blue Movies Made Me Cry
  4. We Are Indelible
  5. In The Bog
  6. Excuse Me Just One Moment
  7. Hand Jive
  8. Esmeralda
  9. Stay Another Day
  10. Some Good Advice
  11. Snap, Crackle And
    Bonus Tracks
  12. We Are Indelible (Single version)
  13. Blue Movies (Alternate version)
  14. Going Home (Previously unreleased)
    Live at Sunbury (1972)
  15. We Are Indelible
  16. Be My Honey
  17. But That’s Alright


Classic Australian album from 1972 – First time on CD!

It’s extraordinarily rare to find an album that has never been reissued on CD in the digital age. Thanks to Aztec Records, The Indelible Murtceps’ ‘Warts Up Your Nose’ gets the Digitally Remastered CD treatment for the first time. Expanded with the addition of six bonus tracks – including three songs recorded live at Sunbury 1972 – this title continues to explore the works of the visionary and redoubtable Mike Rudd.

The musical journey that took Mike Rudd from R&B fanatic with 1960s garage punk champions Chants R&B through the 1970s glory days of Spectrum, The Indelible Murtceps and Ariel onto elder statesmanship of the Australian music scene, is surely one of the most remarkable in this country. This is the man who gave the nation the enduring #1 hit single ‘I’ll Be Gone’, a song that has become so ingrained in the collective Australian psyche as to be accepted unconditionally and universally, surely the sign of a truly great composition.

During the early 1970s, Spectrum was Australia’s pre-eminent concert attraction, dispensing flowing, esoteric progressive psych rock to enraptured audiences. In October 1971, singer / guitarist / songwriter Mike Rudd decided to launch an alter-ego band in order to take advantage of the more lucrative dance and pub circuit. Utilising the same musicians – Rudd, Bill Putt (bass), Lee Neale (electric piano), Ray Arnott (drums) – The Indelible Murtceps presented a more danceable, accessible sound and simply played for fun and profit.

‘Warts Up Your Nose’ is a supremely enjoyable album, bursting with witty, good-time odes to the quaintly bizarre. If Frank Zappa posed the question “does humour belong in music?” then clearly Rudd and the Murtceps agreed. Songs such as the jaunty hit single ‘Esmeralda’, ‘Pie In The Sky’, ‘Blue Movies Made Me Cry’, ‘Hand Jive’, ‘Excuse Me Just One Moment’ and the jazzy ‘Stay Another Day’ retain a refreshing outlook to this day. Even the 12 minute 45 second ‘Some Good Advice’, which features the Spectrum musical stamp, is deceptively simple in execution and outcome. And all tip an evocative hat to one of Rudd’s favourite songwriters, the great Randy Newman.

Package Contents

Beautifully re-created and packaged in a Deluxe Digi-pak, digitally remastered audio by Gil Matthews, it sounds better than ever. Included is a 24-page colour booklet and liner notes by Ian McFarlane... it's a must-have for fans of Classic Aussie Rock.


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