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Mondo Rock: Besto Mondo, Greatest Hits

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Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: Aug 1st, 2015
Format: Audio CD
Label: Aztec Music


Track Listing

  1. Come Said The Boy
  2. Chemistry
  3. Summer of ’81
  4. State Of The Heart
  5. Cool World
  6. No Time
  7. The Queen And Me
  8. In Another Love
  9. The Moment (Extended Mix)
  10. Good Advice
  11. Baby Wants To Rock
  12. The Modern Bop (New York Remix)
  13. Rule of Threes
  14. Boom Baby Boom
  15. Primitive Love Rites
  16. I Had You In Mind


Between 1980 and 1991, the mighty Mondo Rock scored 15 hits singles. Add to that one non-charting single and you have the 16 tracks that make up Besto Mondo Greatest Hits. For the best in Australian Classic Rock hits – including ‘Come Said The Boy’, ‘State Of The Heart’, ‘No Time’, ‘Cool World’, ‘The Modern Bop’, ‘Primitive Love Rites’ – Besto Mondo Greatest Hits is the perfect primer for the world of Mondo Rock.

The 1980s was a significant time in the history of Australian music, a time when Mondo Rock was one of the nation’s premier bands. What set the Mondos apart was the presence of venerable front man Ross Wilson (writer of the enduring dance hit by Daddy Cool ‘Eagle Rock’) and expressive guitarist Eric McCusker – both song writers of considerable skill and attention to detail.

Culled from the band’s run of highly regarded albums – Chemistry (1981), Nuovo Mondo (1982), Modern Bop (1984), Up To The Moment (1985), Boom Baby Boom (1986), Why Fight It (1991) – the songs can still express what the fans feel and what reminds them of their special moments

“We start the compilation with ‘Come Said the Boy’ of course, because that’s become our biggest perennial,” explains Ross Wilson. “But you can play this record all the way through and it holds your attention. You hear one song and then another one comes along and grabs you, rather than it sounds the same, so I’ve tried to programme it so it flows really well.”

Mondo Rock continue to tour, testament to their status as one of the most popular acts in all of Australian music. Mondo Rock comprises Wilson, McCusker, versatile keyboardist / guitarist James Black (previously a mainstay of the RocKwiz Orchestra), rock solid bassist Paul Christie and dynamic drummer Gil Matthews.

Compiled by Ross Wilson, with digitally remastered audio by Gil Matthews and colour booklet featuring detailed liner notes (including fresh interview with Wilson) this collection is a must for every fan of Australian music. All the Mondo Rock hits in one collection – the perfect overview. Includes ‘Come Said The Boy’, ‘State Of The Heart’, ‘No Time’, ‘Cool World’, ‘The Modern Bop’, ‘Primitive Love Rites’ + 10 more! – staples of Classic Hits radio to this day. Songwriters Ross Wilson and Eric McCusker at the top of their game.

Package Contents

Digitally Remastered by Gil Matthews, Deluxe Digipak CD featuring colour booklet with liner notes by noted Australian Rock writer Ian McFarlane.


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