Aztec Records

Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: December 6, 2006
Format: Audio CD
Label: Aztec Music


Track Listing

  1. My Hang Up Is You
  2. Having You Around
  3. Didn't I Do It To You
  4. All Of A Sudden
  5. It's A New Day
  6. I'm Your Pimp
  7. I Turn My Back On Love
  8. Trespassing
  9. I'm Falling Out Of

    Bonus Tracks

  10. Al's Razor Blade
  11. Ain't That Loving You


Aztec Music’s reissue of Skull Snaps is the first release that has been officially sanctioned by the band.

Skull Snaps were a mysterious funk group that lasted long enough to record and release a self-titled 1973 album before apparently disbanding.  Skull Snaps has become one of the more legendary rare funk records, having been sampled countless times on rap records.

Package Contents

This deluxe version has been digitally remastered, with extensive liner notes containing new interviews and rare photos, and contains 2 bonus tracks – packaged in a 6 panel digi-pak.