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Kush: Nah Tellus Wh't Kush Means Yer Great Sausage

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Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: August 8, 2008
Format: Audio CD
Label: Aztec Music

Track Listing

  1. Come Down
  2. I’m Your Football
  3. Out of My Tree
  4. What do Mountains Say
  5. Dream On (Parts I, II & III)
  6. Mr. Plod
  7. Bonus Tracks:

    Kush – Single A-side (Edit)

  8. I’m Your Football
  9. Geoff Duff & Kush – Single

  10. Banana Song
  11. Whatever Happened to the Good Ol’ Days
  12. Previously Unreleased

  13. Hey Sam
  14. Geoff Duff – Single

  15. Temptation’s ‘Bout to Get Me
  16. Where Will I Be?
  17. Kush – Live (April 1977)

  18. The Clapometer
  19. Soul Vaccination
  20. All Right in the City
  21. MacArthur Park
  22. It’s Your Move


For our reissue of their startling debut: Presents Snow White... and the Eight Straights, we described Kush as "Bowie channeling Sinatra, fronting Blood Sweat & Tears (playing Chicago Covers)" - for their 1975 follow-up, the ultra rare: Nah, Tellus Wh't Kush Means Yer Great Sausage, we might add a dash of George a striped leotard!

Multiple line-up changes and enigmatic front-man Jeff Duff’s dominant personality had altered the band’s sound. The camp single "I'm Your Football" outrageous costumes and arrests for offensive behaviour arguably did more harm than good, with the album suffering in comparison to their debut. However, the epic "Dream On (Parts I, II and III)" proudly stands alongside earlier Kush classics, as does the previously unreleased "Hey Sam" (dig that funky clavinet!).

In addition to that, there's 11 bonus tracks including: the 1975 Geoff Duff and Kush single “Banana Song”, the 1977 Geoff Duff solo single “Temptation’s Bout To Get Me” and 5 previously unreleased live tracks – two from Snow White… “All Right In The City” and their singular take on the Jim Webb classic “ MacArthur Park ” plus - “The Clapometer”: a hilarious track of dialogue that further illustrates Duff’s irresistible charisma.

Package Contents

Packaged in our collectors 6 panel digi-pak, book with liner notes and photos.


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