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Mondo Rock: Primal Park

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Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: August 14, 2009
Format: Audio CD
Label: Aztec Music

Track Listing

  1. Question Time
  2. Down To Earth
  3. Primal Park
  4. Searching for My Baby
  5. Tell Me
  6. Toughen Up
  7. Down Down Down Down
  8. The Rebel
  9. Live Wire – The Mondo Shakedown
  10. Bonus Tracks: Singles A’s & B’s 1978/79

  11. The Fugitive Kind
  12. The Breaking Point
  13. Love Shock
  14. Send Me Someone
  15. Live-to-Air, RMIT, 1979

  16. Don’t You Lie to Me
  17. Louie Louie
  18. Telephone Booth
  19. Demo, 1979

  20. Perhaps Perhaps


Ross Wilson was recently described, by noted Australian rock historian Ian McFarlane, as "one of this country’s national treasures". With a 45+ year career, that continues to this day, Wilson has given this country nearly five decades of great music.

From his pioneering Sixties bands (The Pink Finks, Party Machine and Sons of the Vegetal Mother), to his national breakthrough with Daddy Cool, Ross Wilson's place in Australian music history was assured. However, it did not end there. After disbanding Daddy Cool - and in an incredible three-year run - he formed the short-lived 'super group' Mighty Kong, re-formed Daddy Cool, produced (amongst others) the mega-selling Skyhook's debut album Living In The Seventies, started a record label (Oz Records) with Glenn Wheatley and formed Mondo Rock.

From 1976-1978 the band, initially called Ross Wilson's Mondo Rock,honed their live skills on a seemingly endless series of one-nite stands across the country. The line-up took some time to gel, eventually settling with Peter Laffy (guitar), Randy Bulpin (guitar), Tony Slavich (keyboards), Simon Gyllies (bass) and Iain McLennan (drums). It was this line-up who recorded the half-studio / half-live debut Primal Park.

Our deluxe reissue of Primal Park adds the 1978 debut single 'The Fugitive Kind' along with seven further bonus tracks.

Package Contents

Packaged in a 6 panel digi-pak, Liner notes are by Ian McFarlane and include a recent interview with Ross Wilson.


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